3rd Semester

Μ301 Project – Dissertation 30

During the 3rd semester, all postgraduate students are required to successfully complete a research or development project as a part of their course, and write this up as a dissertation. The results are expected to contain elements of originality. The disertation is a major component of the degree.

In the beginning of the 3rd semester each and every student has to choose the subject of the project along with the supervisor who has to be among the teaching staff of the postgraduate programme.

The available subjects are announced by the teaching staff and the students select according to their interests and expertise. The students may also submit a project proposal specifying the subject of the project, the methodology and bibliography to be used, and possible collaboration with enterprises or/and organizations. The approval of the proposal depends on the relevance to the postgraduate degree, originality, innovation of the approach and expected benefits.

The dissertation is presented publicly and examined by a three member committee comprised by the supervisor and two other members of the teaching staff. After the examination and approval of the committee, the dissertation is submitted (two copies) to the secretariat of the department and the library in printed and electronic form.

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