Each prospective postgraduate student should:

  • Submit the application for candidacy and the necessary documents to the Secretariat of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering on time.
  • Complete details of the electronic application, which can be found here.

The necessary documents that candidates must submit are:

  • Printed application
  • Full Curriculum Vitae, including information about studies, research, or professional activities and possible scientific works of the candidate.
  • Copy of the diploma. Besides graduates, students who have successfully completed all their courses and only await their oath can also apply. For participation in the selection process, these students must provide a certificate from their Department’s Secretariat, showing that they have completed their studies, stating their diploma grade, and indicating that only the oath process is pending. The final registration will be completed after providing a copy of the diploma. For those coming from foreign universities, a Certificate of Equivalence from DOATAP is required.
  • Copy of the detailed transcript
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of the English language, at least at the Lower level or equivalent titles in English. The minimum requirement for proven English language knowledge is a Lower degree or test scores of 550 TOEFL or 550 GRE in Computing.
  • Letters of recommendation. Recommendations can be submitted electronically.

Optionally, candidates can also submit the following documents:

  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of one or more foreign languages other than English
  • Scientific publications, distinctions, other degrees, excluding the first degree (if any), titles of EU languages (if any).
  • Evidence of professional experience (if any)

Categories of Graduates Eligible for Postgraduate Studies

The MSc program accepts graduates from the following departments: Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and other relevant fields from recognized foreign institutions, whose degree has been recognized by DIKATSA or DOATAP. Additionally, international candidates are also eligible, provided they meet the admission requirements of the MSc program.

Evaluation Process for Prospective Students

The evaluation and selection of prospective postgraduate students are conducted by the Coordinating Committee. The selection process involves a specialized algorithm that assigns scores to the qualifications of candidates, aiming to maximize the chances of successful enrollment in the MSc program. The selection criteria and their corresponding weightage are as follows:

  1. Relevance of the candidate’s undergraduate studies to the scientific field of the MSc (up to 30 points).
  2. Overall undergraduate GPA (up to 10 points).
  3. Grades in relevant prerequisite courses related to the MSc (up to 10 points).
  4. Relevance and performance in the Bachelor’s or Diploma Thesis (up to 5+5 points).
  5. Any relevant research activity (up to 10 points).
  6. Possession of another postgraduate degree (5 points).
  7. Any relevant professional experience (up to 5 points).
  8. Interview (up to 20 points).

For the above evaluation criteria, the following considerations apply:

  • Relevance of undergraduate studies:
    • Relevance Index 1.0: Graduates from related Informatics departments of recognized universities, as decided by the Coordinating Committee.
    • Relevance Index 0.7: Graduates from Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation, Applied Sciences, and Polytechnic Schools.
    • Relevance Index 0.3: Other university graduates.
  • Grades in prerequisite courses: The grade of each course or the average grade of a group of courses relevant to the ten courses of the MSc is multiplied by the factor 0.1.
  • Performance in the Bachelor’s or Diploma Thesis: Each relevant publication in a reputable journal (or 3 conference papers with peer review) is awarded 3 points.

Final Selection of Candidates

The Coordinating Committee evaluates and shortlists successful candidates based on the above criteria:

  1. A list of shortlisted candidates is forwarded to the Postgraduate Office, which sends them an invitation to attend a personal interview on a specified date.
  2. After the completion of the interview, a ranking list of successful candidates is compiled by the Coordinating Committee.
  3. The first candidates from the ranking list, equal to the number of available positions, are notified electronically or via fax by the Postgraduate Office. They are requested to respond within 10 days whether they accept the enrollment and agree to the terms of the program.
  4. If any of the shortlisted candidates fail to respond within the specified timeframe, it is considered a rejection. The Postgraduate Office informs the next candidate on the success list accordingly.
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