Student Advocate

The International Hellenic University (IHU), according to Article 52 of its Internal Regulation (Government Gazette B’ 4889/06.11.2020), decided, with the decision of the Governing Committee (meeting 33/03.11.2020), to establish and operate three independent offices under the name Student Advocate.
The independent office named “Student Advocate” operates with the purpose of mediating between students, professors, or administrative services of the institution, ensuring legality within the framework of academic freedom, addressing cases of mismanagement, and safeguarding the smooth operation of the institution. The Student Ombudsman does not have authority over matters of examinations and student grading. The Student Ombudsman, who leads the aforementioned independent office voluntarily and without remuneration, may be a legal expert, a member of the faculty of the institution, and is appointed by the Senate. The Student Ombudsman investigates cases, either on their own initiative or following a student’s report, and intervenes with the competent bodies of the institution for their resolution. They may request any information, document, or other evidence related to the case from the institution’s services, examine individuals, conduct on-site visits, and order expertise. If they find that legality is not respected in a specific case, or there are cases of mismanagement or disruption of the institution’s smooth operation, they prepare a report and communicate it to the respective professor or administrative service and the student who submitted the report.
For more information about the Student Advocate, visit the relevant page on the university’s website.
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