The objectives of the Program

The Master’s Program (MSc) in Web Intelligence provides advanced knowledge in computer science technologies related to Intelligent Web Applications.

The MSc aims to provide postgraduate education in Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Technologies, enabling graduates to acquire a strong scientific background, experience, and technical knowledge for developing Intelligent Web Applications. Specifically, the MSc program aims to:

  • Provide high-level training for professionals who will be able to successfully contribute to critical areas related to Computer Science, facilitating the creation of integrated solutions.
  • Foster and promote research in all areas related to intelligent technologies.

The purpose of the MSc is to create highly skilled professionals by providing specialized knowledge in Intelligent Web Technologies, which they can utilize in analyzing smart information systems, estimating and applying intelligent technologies, and producing and developing new technologies.

Graduates of the MSc are expected to acquire the necessary skills for successful careers as high-ranking executives in both the private sector (computer software design and production companies, large enterprises’ IT departments, etc.) and the public sector (public organizations, educational institutions, research centers, etc.).

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