Part time studies

The MSc in Web Intelligence offers the possibility of part-time studies.

Enrollment in a part-time study program can be done by submitting a request during the student’s registration for the MSc. Students who opt for part-time studies will be required to choose from the courses offered in the full-time study program.

The part-time study process has a minimum duration of 5 semesters (4 semesters of courses and 1 semester for the Master’s Thesis) and a maximum of 9 academic semesters (6 semesters of courses and 3 semesters for the Master’s Thesis). Each semester, students must select and declare attendance for at least 2 courses from those taught during that current semester. The upper limit for courses per semester is the total number of courses taught in the current semester, i.e., 5 courses. The regulations for repeating the attendance of a specific course are the same as those for the full-time study process of the MSc.

Each year, students must have selected and declared attendance for at least 5 courses in total (50% of the courses).

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