The following bodies are responsible for the management and administration of the Master’s Programme:

  • The Senate of International Hellenic University
  • The Master’s Programmes Committee of International Hellenic University
  • The Assmebly of the Department of Information and Electronic engineering, which is responsible among other things, for proposing items related to this Master’s Programme for discussion in the Senate, the election and formation of the Coordination Council of the Master’s Programme, the appointment of a faculty member from the Department who will participate in the Master’s Programme Committee of TEI, the appointment of members of the counseling committees and the exam committees, the award of Master’s dipomas, the forming of selection and evaluation committees for student admission and all other issues provided by the law
  • The Coordinating Committee of the Master’s Programme, which is formed by five (5) department faculty members and which is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the operation of the Master’s Programme. The Committee is formed by the following members:
    1. Director of the program: Konstantinos Diamantaras, professor
    2. Deputy Director: Christos Ilioudis, professor
    3. Members:Antoniou Efstathios, Associate professor, Euclidis Keramopoulos, Associate professor
  • The Director of Postgraduate Studies, who is the chairperson of the Coordinating Committee and proposes to the Coordinating Committee of the Master’s Programme all items that relate to the operation of the Master’s Programme
  • The programme’s secretery is supported by the secretery of the department

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